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The Looking good! It is what your body does just two days into quitting the smoking.


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts about the
Looking good! It is what your body does just two days into quitting the

Despite the fact, so many of us spend time beautifying ourselves on the
regular, at the end of the day, it means very little if our body is suffering on the

If it is your skin you are thinking of, for now, smoking reduces the oxygen
supply to our cells, breaking down collagen and elasticity, and therefore
causing wrinkles. So those super expensive moisturizers, serums, and high
tech facials can't do what they're supposed to.

If you have ever wanted to quit smoking, but then thought that it’s probably
not worth it, think again. One in two smokers will die of tobacco-relating
illness, and smoking takes 10 to 15 years off your life. Our body is our armor, it
is there to protect us, and it's our job to make sure it can.

It is entirely mind-blowing, efficient and intelligent our bodies are the moment
we quitting smoking, it gets to work ASAP and begin the healing process. Here
is what happens within 48 hours, when we’ve finally left for good.

Twenty Minutes in and Already is Major Milestone

Within 20 minutes, our heart rate has lowered, and our smoking-induced high
blood pressure has gone down too. It means the risk of heart attack and blood
clots is beginning to drop. You may even notice your hands and feet starting
to warming up.

The Breath and Exercise is Becomes Easier

Smoking causes carbon monoxide to build up in our bloodstream. This gas is
fatal in high doses so why would we be ok with a severe amount in the body
that stops the necessary amount of oxygen from entering our lungs and blood.

Eight hours after we quit smoking, this carbon monoxide level in our body
drops. At last, there’s more room for all that marvelous oxygen to roam
around, leaving our muscles feeling better and our thinking much clearer too.

Heart Happy

Day one and our carbon monoxide level will be back to normal. Now our heart
won’t need to stress and work overtime as it tries to get the oxygen to the
places it needs to be. Our center will Lve us.

We Remember How Glorious Food Is

The chemicals in cigarettes damage our body’s nerve endings. If, however, we
quit smoking, just two days later these nerve endings begin to heal, resulting
in our senses become heightened and returning to normal. Our sense of taste
and smell become sharper and more intense. At last, we can enjoy that Friday
night meal out, or lunch with our friends even more.

Keep Pushing

At this point though, anyone who finally quits smoking will notice they’re more
irritable as their body is working hard to get rid of all that bad stuff. It is why
we will start coughing up mucus a lot more, but it’s our body getting rid of the
nasty stuff.

We’ll feel uneasy and will probably have plenty of cravings too but feel this
way is entirely reasonable and we can entirely power through. Do whatever
helps to hold a glass of water in hand that you will usually have a cigarette in
or try going for walks regularly to clear the mind.

The best way for managing cravings though is to use Nicotine Replacement
Therapy as it is shown to be the most effective. Talk to your local pharmacist
or GP for advice. Applying a patch and nicotine gum/inhalator together has
been shown to be the most effective.

You should also try chewing regular gum and using mouth spray to freshen
up. You can check out Quit.ie for superb advice and even sign up to their Quit
Plan where you'll receive helpful daily messages with the tips and tricks you
need to get healthy and quit smoking finally.

And of course, don't forget to celebrate every milestone entirely.

So, these are the points of describing the Looking good! It is what your body
does just two days into quitting the smoking.

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